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She is portrayed as a ''femme fatale'', an enchantress, who maddens lovers, sometimes leading them to their doom. Mohini is introduced into the Hindu mythology in the narrative epic of the Mahabharata. Here, she appears as a form of Vishnu, acquires the pot of Amrita an elixir of immortality from the thieving asuras demonsand gives it back to the devas godshelping them retain their immortality. Many different legends tell of her various exploits and marriages, including union with Shiva.

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Why this avatar of Americana decided to direct a documentary about the Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti.

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A woman in the midst of an unsavory, unrequested task, she stands naked, her hair a tangle of serpents, a sword in one hand, a severed head in the other. Her gaze is not triumphant, exactly, but resolute. The goddess then punishes Medusa by turning her into a Gorgon and exiling her. Equipped with a mirrored shield, winged sandals, and a special sack for her head, Perseus creeps up on Medusa while she lies sleeping, cuts off her head, and then uses it as a weapon for turning enemies into stone.

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