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Hanna Rosin. As the broader culture struggles with how to handle cases of sexual harassment, Hanna Rosin, co-host of NPR's Invisibilia, visits a community of hardcore punks in Virginia who have been vigilantly policing themselves for years, to see what can be learned from communities that have been calling out abusers. We're going to hear a story now about what's known as call-out culture about someone who was accused publicly on social media of harassment and emotional abuse. The accusations were made a couple of years ago from members of this person's own community.

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Look At This Fucking Oogle: Pornography For Homeless People is a Tumblr devoted to throwing up photos of crust punk kids, train-hopping vagrants in ripped fish nets—sometimes naked and sporting butt plugs—white people with dreads, and so, so many street dogs.

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Out in Portland, I met a crustpunk named Tats when I was trying to buy some weed. I was able to score an interview by buying Tats a few beers and a pack of Marlboro 27s, and between his drunken slurs, he was able to let me know what the life of a crustie is really like. If you were ever curious, listen up.

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